In the Rear View

I did it! No going back now…

I know it has been awhile since my last post but I am back. So what has changed is that I no longer have a job or a place to live. I sold what I didn’t want and then loaded up a Uhaul and brought the rest to give to my family. Soon, I am hitting the road….

It is crazy how things end up in life.┬áDefinitely not how I thought it would be but for that I am SO thankful. What I have realized is that it isn’t until you feel lost that you can began to find your way. Believe me, without pain we wouldn’t grow and happiness is within who we are. People have asked me if I am looking for happiness? Of course!!! My question to them is aren’t we all? When we stop setting goals to be better in life, we stop moving forward. I am happy right now in life, that doesn’t mean I am going to sit and watch life pass me by and not look for more happiness. So I am going to follow my dreams of becoming more than what I am. Here is why:

The ‘difference’ of who you dream of being versus who you actually are is the ‘difference’ of what you do.


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