I Love to Move… No Really, I do

Today I was having a conversation in my fitness class and someone asked “do you really like moving so much?”

The short answer is: I do.


The other week my mom said something about moving into a smaller house because my dad has Parkinson’s disease. Thinking that she might move freaks me out. My mom has lived in the same house for 20 plus years. She doesn’t change things often and thinking that she might, is a bit scary. So basically what I am saying is I understand why or how people would stay in the same place.

BUT…..  it isn’t for me, not now.

For those that think I live a glamorous life or you think you are in some way “jealous”, it is no walk in the park. It is a daily battle for me that always makes me question my decisions. The challenges make the experience all the more rewarding.

When I agreed to do this, I knew there would be constant transitions. What I didn’t know is how rich our lives would become. We have friends literally all over the world. This week we are traveling through other countries and we will see friends along the way. Since we aren’t near family, Matt and I get to make our own traditions (Christmas markets being one of my favorite so far). Plus we get to reinvent ours lives constantly.

Where we live, is only about Geography. Constant moves make you realize that one thing:

Less is really more.

Moving so frequent help me purge. It puts into perspective the physical things I need vs the things I just have. It has taken me awhile but I am still learning that my career has to take a backseat. The experience is SO worth it.  I have learned that when I move to a new place, I will not know a soul. I have never been the shy type and meeting new people comes natural. Yet, I am the type that tries to connect and stay in touch with old friends and family no matter where I am in the world. I always have time.  I have come to terms with the fact that if I want to see family or friends, airplanes will always be the mode of transportation to get me to them. Distance makes me miss them and when I see people I love and care about, it means that much more.

I thrive on the road.

I think I have been blessed to not fear change. I love the adventure of the move. I crave it. I am just lucky enough to have someone by my side on this crazy ride.



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