Today is better. So much better.

It is weird because yesterday my friend Eric reached out to me. Not just once, but twice. Sometimes it is weeks between the times that we chat. Yesterday morning he sent me a text out of the blue (he hadn’t sent one in 3 months) “Can’t wait to see you!”. We talk over Facebook often and last night he sent me a heart. I didn’t tell him I was having a bad day. I would hardly talk yesterday. Him reaching out meant the world.

I also discovered a new song that I am in love with. I love the emotions in music and yesterday this REALLY touched me.

I have announced and told friends and family but I am coming home! By home I mean to a number of different places to see a number of friends and family. So all of you consider yourself warned and be ready for some Sherese time!

Today Yolanda, Jane and I were talking over lunch. Of course we are going to solve all the world problems. Anyway, they asked me why I think I am scared to love. Yolanda went home not feeling good and I was alone with my thoughts. So here they are…

I am not scared to love. Not at all. I am scared to get hurt and of the pain. Just got me thinking how much I love, love. Part of what I love is physical touch and verbal expressions. I feel like I bubble over with love. I have SO much love to give.

Anyone that really knows me, knows I am a touchy person and to me touch is part of expressing love and that is one of the most beautiful things. I have probably been known to hold a hug too long or to make people uncomfortable by a long embrace. I would hug the world if I could get away with it. I would rather give every person I meet a hug versus a hand shake.

When it comes to physical affection I long for it, look for it, I have to have it. Honestly one of the best gifts anyone can give me is a hug. To me touching someone is a connection. It sends chills up and down my body just thinking about a warm embrace.

Just over a week ago when I went deer hunting, I was back at the house watching the kids so JD could hunt. We all snuggled on the couch. For the next 24 hours I was in heaven. The kids were all over me. 7 & 8 years old but wanting me to pick them up, hugging, sitting on me. I couldn’t get enough from them. I LOVE touch and to me that is a part of love.

I think that is why I love my little dog Roxy. Man does she do a great job at snuggling. She loves touch and affection. I love that dog.

Another thing any of my friends will tell you is that I am not shy about verbally expressing my feelings of love. I send people that mean a lot to me messages often about my love for them. To some it may be inappropriate but I think everyone needs to hear expressions of love. Today I sent my sister Kim ” You’re on my mind and in my heart. Sending you a sister hug today. Let me know when you get it. Good luck on finals honey-boo-boo.” ┬áIf only more people would say nice things to those they love, this world would be a much better place. The power of words is something a lot of people take for granted.

Seriously, I love the feeling of love and I am in no way scared to love. I love to love.

Off to find something to hug and tell them how much they are loved!!!

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