I Have a Dream

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?”

I say that because today was MLK Day. I didn’t really think much about it till I decided to sit down and write this blog. Made me feel bad that I didn’t do more today for others.

Today is about Martin Luther King Jr. that wanted equality and liberty for everyone. Not just that but also mercy. Isn’t that something all of us should want?

I just question what people that belittle others instead of trying to understand. I just think we should try to understand someone else’s differences.

So today was a day about serving others. It doesn’t have to be about color in any way. Just serving others for the better of society. I think we all can be inspirational. That we can all try to understand suffering and it doesn’t have to do with only race. We should dedicate more time to love. It is National Day of Service.

I want to note that I understand that violence is an inherent part of the world. There is no way to avoid the conflict among religions, races, cultural differences, genders, and our own ignorance to civil differences. We fight to create a peaceful world which leads to more subtle forms of violence. This result is wars being experienced in the name of peace.

Today Matt and I were talking about the movie Freedom Writers. He likes teaching movies because that is what he does. Freedom Writers is one of my favorite teaching movies as I explained in My New Passion. I felt like this was fitting for the day:

In honor here is my ‘I Have a Dream’:

I have a dream that we will all love ourselves and others. Including all the strengths and shortcomings that make us human. It is so deep within my heart. I want everyone to understand and know their value and find the beauty that radiates from others.

I have a dream that people will live life the way it should be which is happy and free. That people will rise up to the challenge of being true to themselves. That others will look at one another and realize the value of friendship and spread the true meaning of love.

I have a dream that there will be peace and be able to accept everyone for who they are. That war will end, suicides will cease, the bullying will stop and that when we look at someone else we will see a fellow human being that is worthy of our respect. That we will understand that it is humanity that really connects each of us.

I have a dream that others will chase their dreams. That I can live by example in how I act and how I love treating others. That I am able to show that life is worth living. I have a dream and I hope that today I am making my dream known.

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