I Don’t Have the Answers

Well… I leave in a week for my 500 mile journey.

The unknown is terrifying and we want to control so many aspects of our life. If there is one thing I have learned it is that life is uncontrollable. This trip is about focusing on life. I recently was back in the US and received the questions “why? why would you want to travel that far and leave the comfort of home?”,  “if you’re not religious, why would you do it?” and “what are your expectations for it?” I wasn’t really prepared to answer those questions so I am sure, at the time, that I fumbled through an answer because I didn’t know. This reminds me of a lyrics from a song I LOVE right now called: I Don’t Have the Answers by We Are Messengers

I don’t have the answers, and maybe that’s okay
But we can search together, I’m not running away
And it’s okay to feel, the way that you do
And when you reach the end of yourself, I’ll be there too

I reached out on Facebook and asked my people what questions they had. I wanted to vlog it and here is what I put together

Matty and I had a talk yesterday. I think one of his points of his emphasis about me is that: the point at which most people would give up and quit, is the point that I push myself harder to be better. Tenacity.  Our struggles teach as at the other end of our pain, is growth. This is about making the most of an opportunity. This is about bettering myself and enriching the lives of others. I make the choice to live life and not just exist in the world.

 Only one week away!



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