How Travel Changes A Person

Traveling is more than just collecting souvenirs and taking photos. Traveling, like education, it can teach you lessons and shapes you as a person. You leave for a journey and never come back as the same person. Traveling tests you and transforms you.

Here’s how:

YOU LEARN TO MAKE DECISIONS AND BE ORGANIZED – choosing where you want to go, what you want to do, scheduling your flight and booking the hotel you will stay is the first step but could show how well you make your decisions and your life choices. It reveals your identity .

TRAVELING TESTS YOUR TOLERANCE AND PATIENCE – it will show your weaknesses and strengths that you didn’t know you  had. How you handle unexpected delayed flights, lost luggage, unpleasant people, unplanned detour etc.

YOU BECOME MORE OPEN AND SOCIABLE – traveling forces you to live outside your comfort zone. It provides you with opportunities to meet diverse people and see how they live. You learn to make new friends out of strangers and learn how to communicate.

TRAVELING ACCELERATES YOUR MATURITY – when traveling alone, you learn to be independent and confident. You face your fears and let go of your anxiety. You become agreeable with other’s political view and way of life.  You develop respect for other’s religion and beliefs which will open your heart to love people more and to gain new perspective in life. You let go of all stereotypes and you develop curiosity.

YOU GAIN KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS – once you travel and experience other cultures and their way of life, it broadens your horizon and your perception of the world changes.

YOU LIVE BY THE MOMENT – traveling isn’t permanent. You learn how to appreciate simple things and savor the moment. You learn to indulge yourself and experience freedom in every turn. You’ll learn to be in the present and refuse the past to bother you. It teaches you to let go of disappointments and anger so that it won’t affect the rest of your days while traveling.

SHARPENS YOUR SENSES – you learn how to take care of yourself and your belongings. Traveling sometimes puts you in a position that you must behave differently because you are outside your comfort zone. Your emotions are heightened: feeling of excitement, anxiety and fear. You learn to manage your emotions well. Traveling stimulates your survival instinct and also your need to be safe

TRAVELING DEVELOPS YOUR QUICK-THINKING AND RESPONSES– surprises, setbacks and emergency situation, it’s all part of the journey. You will learn to anticipate and not to get anxious over small stuff and prioritize solving issues that really matter and could make greater impact.

TRAVELING GIVES YOU THE FEELING OF ACCOMPLISHMENT – you achieve self-value. You’ve been there and you’ve done that. It just makes you feel good.

MISSING FAMILY AND HOME – absence makes the heart grow fonder!!! Who else would you want to share your adventure and feeling of accomplishment with, but family and friends? You appreciate and value your loved ones more. You get excited to go home, share your stories and be home sweet home.

Traveling changes a person, no doubt! It sets you up for growth. It alters your outlook and sometimes heals your spirit. No one can really tell how high you can soar and how far you can go until you spread your wings and fly.

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