How to Stay Mentally Strong, Even When You Don’t Feel “Good Enough”

In times of hardships, it is easy to break down mentally. When we are feeling low and hopeless, our tendency is to feel that we are not good enough. We lose confidence in ourselves. If we were good enough, we wouldn’t be experiencing difficulties in the first place, right? If we were good enough, we could’ve came up with a solution as soon as adversities came knocking on our door.


The key to staying mentally strong when we are not feeling good enough is motivation. It can come from two different sources. Motivation can come from others or it can come from within ourselves. A strong support group is advantageous when we are dealing with problems. When we surround ourselves with supportive friends and family who can offer us even just simple words of motivation, it will be easy for us to maintain being mentally strong. Sometimes, they do not even have to offer any words at all. By being there and for being a part of our lives, they can give us the motivation that we need.


The second form of motivation is a little more complex as it comes from within. Motivating ourselves can be a difficult task most especially if we are faced with problems. With so many strong emotions, it is often hard to gather ourselves up again. However, this is the strongest form of motivation as it is not dependent on anybody else. Even if we are alone, if we can practice self-motivation, we can stay being mentally strong. There are many ways to do self-motivation. We can read motivational books and condition our minds to think of positive thoughts and so much more.


Learning how to be mentally strong in times of insecurities and challenges does not happen in an instant. Sometimes it takes a lot of difficulties for us to learn how to handle ourselves better. That is why we should just hang on and learn from every experience. We are diamonds being refined. Our “not good enough” moments is the fire that refines us so that we will have shape and shine. When you start thinking that the heat is too much for you to handle; that you would rather just melt because you’re not good enough to bear the heat, remember what you are….You are a diamond. You are good enough.

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