How to Create a Balanced Life

Drowning in a pool of responsibilities, it is easy to lose balance of our lives. With various daily tasks at work, school or home, we tend to end the day wishing we had a couple more hours.


Imagine life as a balance scale. The one side holds our careers or academics. The other side carries our family, fitness, interests and others. Too often, our scales are heavier on one side than the other. Some people spend most of their time working on their high powered jobs or on their degrees and too little time for other aspects of their life, for example, their health. Others have it the other way around. There are people who waste hours on their interests that their career or education is compromised.


To start creating a balanced life, we must first develop a sense of mindfulness. This is probably the most important and crucial step of our journey to a balanced life. Time and again, a lot of people insist they do not have a problem with their lives. They think that putting most of their time in their career is the correct way of living. We need to have that “Aha!” moment when we realize that our scales are too heavy on one side and that we should do something about it.


Before we start “budgeting” our time, it is vital that we should understand what our priorities are. Each aspect of our lives is as important as the other and they are all connected as one aspect affects another. There will come a time in our lives when we will be required to make sacrifices and if we do not have a clear view of our priority, we will find ourselves stuck in the middle of a crossroad. Recognizing what is important to us will also help us use our time more effectively. We will know what aspect of our lives that we should focus on first before we start doing other things.

There is no use having time to do everything if we do not understand HOW to spend our time.


The key to creating a balanced life is effective time management. Do I have enough time for my family? For myself? For my health? For my job?


We cannot be masters at time management in an instant. We need to start on a smaller scale like our day to day tasks. If we can manage to create a balance day, it will be surely be easy to create a balanced life. Just as a thousand mile journey starts with a single step, the journey to a balanced life starts with cultivating a small habit; one that can change our lives for the better.

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