Home Sweet Home

We have 2 friends coming in March so I was booking up a few things. I have to admit, I am not the best host. We have toured Japan but to be honest, I haven’t done much in Tokyo. The train system is a bit over whelming. Traffic lights every block which makes a 15 mile drive over an hour long. So yeah, the city is something I try to avoid. I have gone into the city and what not but it really isn’t MY thing.

Know what I mean?

Well these friends are coming and I know very little Japanese. When I say very little I mean basically none. I don’t know the train system. I don’t like to drive. The city is just a little too much. Only today I booked us for 4 nights in downtown Tokyo.

Yep. You read that right. Even for this traveler, Tokyo is out of my comfort zone.

So then today I caught up with a friend I made a few years back. Just hanging on a bar stool talking. Next thing I know we are photographing him. Then next thing I know I am going to one of his concerts in Dallas. He tells me about this new band he joined and that he is in the video Home Sweet Home. For those of you wondering he is at 2:33 and basically the coolest part of the video.

Today this video hit home with me. I was just telling Matt earlier that I like Japan and all but Tokyo isn’t me. Then…


This song comes into my life. Now I suffer from being “homesick”. I am just a country girl at heart.

Tonight, I want a big bonfire, ice cold beer and all my favorite people.


My world’s a roller-coaster and my life’s a traffic jam
All this mess ain’t even close to bein’ who I am
I’ve been dreamin’ Carolina, catchin’ craw-dads by the creek
But I’m stuck here in this prison cell full of city streets

I need a little time, I need a little space
I need a little gone, a little out of this place
I wanna get back where I can breathe
Where I feel free, yeah

Take me back, I’ve been away too long
Take me back to my home sweet home

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