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My day was filled with history and art. I started the day off by going to Jamestown Virginia. I visited the Jamestown Settlement. It was English men sponsored by stockholders in London  before the pilgrims settled to take advantage of the resources in the New World. It is the story of people such as King James, Pocahontas, and Africans  It was very interesting to see the recreations of things.

Next I went to Yorktown which documents part of the American Revolution. In the gallery you hear stories of people that documented their stories and it explains how people from many different cultures shaped a new society and government with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.They recreated a encampment and the farm life during the Revolutionary times. In the camp they had an actual kitchen like they would have at a war camp. At the farm they grew crops and harvested like they would during the times. It was very interesting.

I had not eaten so I wanted to find a cute town to eat so I asked if there was a cute town close. I was going to head to Williamsburg but I was going to stop on the way to grab a snack and see another little town. Small towns are my love. I went to Gloucester VA. I stopped at a bakery but they were closed. That’s when I met Yolanda.

Yolanda had a clothing shop right across from the bakery called Yolanda’s on Main. I asked her for suggestions on where to go. We chatted for awhile and she told me about an art show that was going on in the evening. There are some people that you connect with easily and Yolanda was very easy to connect with. I took pictures of her shop and then we went to dinner.

After dinner we headed to the art show where I met her husband George. They were a very warm couple and it is meeting people like that to make my journey so incredible. They have been married for over 30 years. They have 5 kids (4 girls and a boy) that all have very different personalities but all more towards creative and free spirited.George teaches philosophy at a local college which is how they met. I loved getting to know them.

At the art show, there were art displays that were very unique and fun to look at. The artist of the month did henna designs. The art show had caricature artist, live music, belly dancers, food, drinks, and a really cool vibe for a small town.

A day filled with history and art makes for a really good day. What makes it better is meeting new people. I love people and this journey has been nothing short of amazing in spending time with people that are incredible. I was so fortunate that Yolanda was there when I went to look for something to eat. It reminds me to ask questions to those that know. Express yourself and who you are. You shouldn’t hold back from conversation because you feel awkward, you never know who you may meet. You may never have the opportunity again to meet someone that can impact your life. Also, know that no matter how much time you have with someone (even someone that was just a stranger minutes before) that sometimes it will seem like you didn’t have enough time together. Cherish your time and embrace opportunities because you never know where it will lead.


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