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So I am on the move, again. I left Annie and on to the next adventure. Before I get into my day I have to tell you a bit about Annie. Annie is 21 and unlike any 21 year old I know. She is in a relationship with JD and he has 2 kids. Annie plays the role of mom since the kids mother isn’t in their life. I was there a week and there wasn’t a day that Annie didn’t work. She does substitute teaching, bar tends, helped at a butcher shop, and she recently started a business Vanity & Vogue. Not to mention she takes the kids to all their activities such as soccer and boy/girl scouts etc… She is even the troop leader for girl scouts. I can not give the recognition that this beautiful person deserves. Here is what I do have to say:


Do not let anyone tell you that you aren’t a real mom. You may not have carried those children but you’ve accepted all the day to day tasks. I got to see a part of your life that most people don’t and I want you to know that you are incredible. For your age you have taken on so much responsibility and I applaud you for that. At the same time you don’t get the recognition you so much deserve because it is people like you that are the real heroes in the world. I admire your strength and your heart.

I am blessed to call you my friend.


In route to Washington DC I stopped at Fredericksburg Virginia. At my stop I went into the butcher shop. I get that probably isn’t a stop most people would make but I LOVE looking at local shops of all sorts. Of course I don’t intend to buy anything. I just browse and visit with the locals.

So I go into the butcher shop and I get to talking to the girls that work there, Sarah and Mika. Sarah just got back a few weeks ago from backpacking through Europe. We talked a lot about travel experiences. Mika on the other hand is into tattoo art and she has very beautiful ink and wants to be a tattoo model. Both the ladies were very fun and inspiring to me.

Just down the street I went into another place called Fizzlebottoms Cafe where I met John, the store owner. I talked to him awhile about the civil war. He has owned the Cafe for 27 years and he said the last 3 years has been the hardest.

I also went into Riveryby Books. It was the cutest bookstore I’ve seen. I know mom will appreciate the pictures seeing as how she is a librarian in small town Kansas (wow mom, you are kind of a big deal in my blogs lately). Something I learned from going to their website for this blog post is they have another store here in DC on Capital Hill where I am staying so I will have to check it out.

I arrived in DC and I am staying with my friend Smitty. Smitty and I go back about 10 years.  I met him in college when we stayed in the dorms, Haymaker 7!! Anyways, that was a crazy time in my life I will never forget. We didn’t waste any time and it brought me back to the college days only he was dressed in a suit and all grown up. Back in the day everyone thought we were brother and sister. I went back to his family for a Thanksgiving and his mom always sent me gifts from that point forward. Sweet sweet family. Years later when I saw her in Manhattan she confessed that she thought we would get married (he’s the only child). Being here with Smitty is going to be nothing short of amazing…

“A person’s world is only as big as their heart.” Tanya A. Moore


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