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I started this blog to document my journey in self discovery. Anyone can relate in going through the process of trying to determine life’s purpose and where they fit into the picture. I think this journey is never ending. I hope that the blog inspires others in their journey through life.

Sometimes we get caught up in “going through the motions”. With everything that distracts us such as our career, technology and every day mundane tasks, we sometimes forget what it important to us and who we are. We become overwhelmed, we settle with less than what we think we deserve, we compromise our lives, and we stop moving forward. Then something happens that shakes our reality. Events (big/small, bad/good) such as a stranger showing kindness on a bad day, a new life is created or an existing life saved,  a missed flight when going on vacation, or a loved one dies and we weren’t ready to say goodbye. It takes us to a place where we question our thoughts, our purpose, our meaning, our goals and our values. Sometimes it creates such an impact that it creates chaos to everything we thought we knew…..then it changes us.

I am 27 and I can tell you, this life I live is not what I had in mind for myself growing up. I have been faced with challenges and endured heartache that I never could have imagined when I started on my journey. As a child I believed in the fairytale life. I couldn’t wait to get older for all those dreams to come true. As I got older and grew in knowledge of the world around me, I slowly learned those dreams as a child of becoming a princess weren’t going to happen. At least not like the movies.

Looking back it is in those moments that my reality was shaken, are the moments I changed the most. The older I get the more I realize I don’t want the fairytale life. I want my life. My own story. I don’t want it defined, I want to create it.

So here I am on this journey. Shaken. Ready for the change. So I say, Hello World.

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