On Sunday Shaun, Cristina and I went to Guatape which is a huge rock. It wasn’t a clear day but it was perfect for me because it didn’t rain while we were there. We climbed to the top which is over 700 stairs. What a workout! The view was beautiful as you can see.

After we went to the town of Guatape where we met up with some other people. We took a tour of the city in the smallest taxis I have ever seen. The buildings there are very colorful and each house has different designs.


Then we went zip lining which was a rush. I love the thrill and adventure. Right after we got done it started raining so it was perfect timing.

On the way back we stopped and had pizza. These kids next to us were playing Jenga. So I told Daniel if I was home I would go play with them. He said why not here? So I did. Shaun and Cristina got involved and it was so much fun.


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