Growing Stronger

The days pass and you fall into a routine always thinking there is tomorrow to do what you need to be doing today. Life can seem pretty simple at times but then sometimes life happens.The unexpected hit and your life gets flipped.  It causes a state of uncertainty and confusion.

Yesterday I went to the hospital to see Dale’s brother. It was hard seeing someone out of it. Knowing that he needs time to heal. Hoping that he recovers and is able to pull through. Wanting to do so much but being so helpless. Watching Dale talk to his brother was hard knowing he just wants the best and that he has to feel so helpless. Yet so hopeful.

I realized life is so short and being at the hospital reminded me of how precious life is. I knew when I left Dallas I needed a change from my life I was living. I wanted something more. More time to myself, more adventure, more exploring and more living. Why I am not sure. What I am sure is that I needed to live life my way. So I uprooted and took off. It is amazing the number of times I have heard “Girl, you’re crazy, why would you do something like that?”

Now that I am here I am starting to get homesick. The newness is wearing off and I am missing my friends, my life I’ve come to know and most of all my comfort zone. Moving to a place where I don’t know where I fit in, unsure of what I am doing and trying to be the best me. I’m picking the unknown, trying the uncomfortable, embracing the change and seeing things in a new light. A little intimidating at times but so many adventures and growth.

In trying to find my routine and life here I told you that I want to get back to working out. I explained my goals and I knew what I wanted to do. In my follow through last week I didn’t live up to it. So many times things seem so hard to do when you go to do them. Almost impossible. I’ve made justification and excuses. Too much effort. Too much work. Too much this or that. Convinced myself that the task at hand is too much to take on. Yet I know much better. It’s usually always worth it. So I need to make the effort. I started today by running 3 miles. Hopefully tomorrow I will do the same and the day after that and so on….

So, here is to growing stronger day by day.


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