Girls Watching the NFL Draft

As I sit here thinking about what to post about today, Matt has me watching the NFL Draft with him. I bet all you guys are jealous wondering how he got me to do it and all you ladies are thinking why I would do it. I am going to help both sides here.


If you are lucky enough to have girl into football. Keep her.  Make certain she never escapes from you. Ever. They are a rare breed.

Women love to connect. It is what we do and what we are good at. If you want your girl to get into football with you, show them the connection. Tell them the underdog story and how this or that player has overcome something that really shows emotions. Pull at her heart strings and use emotions to your advantage.

What else are women good at? Drama. The NFL is a straight up cat fight. If you tell them the drama in it they will LOVE it. As Matt says, it is a girl all dressed up with no where to go. All for show with no game plan. Us girls will get it. Use the drama going on to involve your girls. It is in our DNA to want the down and dirty. Learn this and use this.


I always use football parties as a science experience. By this I mean experimenting using my cooking skills. I like to bake and just not enough people to eat the 4 dozen cookies. Guys coming over to watch things like the draft love to eat. Do you need to get rid of something in the freezer? Whatever it is, make it and serve it up. They won’t complain because they are getting fed and doing what they love. Everyone wins.

Carbs and alcohol (so what if it is wine). Guys have it figured out. Football is a great reason for food and drinks. Eat up and enjoy.

Cute football attire means shopping. Milk it. So what if it has a logo on it. If it looks good on you wear it and love it. I really hope your man’s team has a color that you look good in. I love my purple and THANK GOODNESS Matt is a Ravens fan because that means more purple for me 🙂

Need more attention? Learn to love the sport. When you can talk the talk, your man will shower you with attention. Sunday is no longer a day of neglect for you. It drives a man crazy when a girl can talk sports. Try it and see… It wont let you down.


Ravens Pick is coming up and I need to focus so I can show Matt some love. I may need this for ammo the next time I want him to watch Eat, Pray, Love.

Go Ravens! 😉


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