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So today we left Mike’s and guess what? Crowley got adopted! I am so happy because I know she will have a wonderful home for many years!  She brought life to our trips and we will miss her but so glad I was able to help her find a new home.

Ethan found me a flash mob for my bucket list. So I did it! I wasn’t sure what it was about but come to find out it is for HGTV. Got to hang out with the crew from a new show that will be released in the spring and some people from the food network. I will get to be on national tv for a flash mob, who would have thought?  As Ricky Goldin said “think home make over meets Glee”.

Peter went too (Mike’s friend) and we were a few of the odd balls. Most of the people were actual dancers. They needed extras so that is what we were. Needless to say, my dance skills weren’t the best. It was SO FUN!  I got the group together to do a dance so you could see a preview. Heck yes we did it Gangnam style!!

Note:These were taken with my phone since I couldn’t easily carry my camera around so the quality isn’t the best but you get the point.

I met up with Ethan (the guy I met this weekend) later in the evening. He was headed back from work in Connecticut so our paths got to cross again. He gave me an awesome gift. It is a necklace that says “Enjoy Life” on one side and “Be Happy” on the other. That was after he did a backhand spring to try to impress me. Losing his wallet in the process and asking me if I had pickpocketed him. I was honored that he thought I was smooth enough for such a thing but fortunately for him, he lost it while showing off his mad gymnastic skills.

I have more pics of the flashmob (on my phone) so I am not able to post them now so check back soon and I will post more!!!

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