Everyone knows it isn’t official till it is Facebook Official (FBO). It doesn’t matter how real  you want something to be, nothing is real without the cyber gods blessing the event. It isn’t public until it hits the news feeds of Facebook.


Urban Dictionary defines FBO as:

  • A relationship that is determined official because it is posted under the relationship status on Facebook.
  • When an event has happened and it only really counts if it has been put on Facebook for everyone to see.
  • A fact that is proven true simply because it is on Facebook.
  • How you know shit’s real.

SO….. Yesterday Matt and I made it “Facebook Official”

facebook official 2

Today, he is using his powers to be against me. I guess this means that I can expect the relationship to go downhill from this point forward.

Facebook is a powerful tool these days and there are some important rules that people should follow when they make it FBO.

Facebook official1


  1. Upon making it official, your profile pic should be a representation of your significant other. Yes this means an awesome photo of the 2 of you that EVERYONE can adore. Change it often.
  2. You have to profess your love for the other often. Daily. People love it when their newsfeed is full of confessions of love. Do it. Your friends will be thanking you later. 
  3. Relationships are now a social network romance for all your ‘friends’ to participate in.  Keep things real by updating your status with known fights, disagreements, anytime you make love or make up.  How else will everyone stay in the loop? 
  4. No more cyber cheating. You can no longer tell someone of the opposite sex how sexy they look in a photo. When the shit is real on Facebook, it is real. Keep it that way.
  5. Time to defriend any ex or previous booty call. When you make it official with that comes with the RIGHT to stalk the other’s page obsessively. This means the people from the past need the boot. 

facebook official 3

Facebook friends, we are OHH SO EXCITED to share this with all of you. Be ready for our constant status updates, photos, and our obsessive ways. We can’t help it now that it is on Facebook because we are SO IN LOVE.

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