Farmers Market

Sunday morning I got up early and cleaned the apartment before we headed out. First stop was the dog park. It has quickly become a favorite place for us. Since Roxy doesn’t have a yard to run in we take her to Central Bark (yes that’s the name). She gets to go about 5 times a week.

After the dog park we headed to a Farmers Market which was fun.



Matt found these electric bikes that go like 20 miles on a charge. He test drove one and wants one so that we can cruise out the beach. A little of subject but I found out about a path that goes from our apartment to the beach. It is 12 miles. As soon as Matt gets a bike we will be testing it out.


I found a place that delivers milk. In Cali you can seriously have a “milk man”.

I love food trucks. OK, seriously I just love food in general and it shows. However, I got a Waffle Monte Cristo that I had for lunch with a raspberry sauce that was fantastic. Matt was super jealous (he wasn’t so daring and got a gyro) so I saved him half for him to eat for lunch another day. ¬†FAN-FRICKEN-TASTIC!!!


Better believe I am going back next week. Lola’s Ice Cream is having bacon bourbon ice cream.

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