Fail Till You Succeed

A lot of thoughts going through my head and a lot of decisions to be made. I have had some job interviews and will soon be deciding a new place to call home. Job hunting and making these choices is a source of stress for me.

In writing this I wanted to find a motivational speech that I could share. Not only for my readers but for myself also. I know there is times in everyone’s journey through life that they will have hurdles to go over and setback that they have to keep moving forward from. Those things will challenge your dreams and ambitions. They will give you excuses and place obstacles in your way that will slow you down and makes you feel powerless.

These times are when you find out what you’re about and test you on how bad you really want it. These times build you up. It isn’t easy which is why they are called obstacles. Staying on track with your goals isn’t easy and everyone struggles. When things are easy they just go. When they get tough though, it is easy to be damaged. This is when recharging is necessary.

So in saying all of that, I wanted to find a video that would help me recharge. I didn’t get the job at RoadTrip Nation that I wanted. I am ok with that. I know that better things are meant to come and I look forward to those things. Still doesn’t change my disappointment and I do struggle with confidence. So I want to leave you with this that I found:

Fail Till You Succeed


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