I am excited to say that the Blog is getting a makeover. Don’t worry, I am not going anywhere. I have been busy making it so much better for my readers. It will be under construction for a few weeks and I will start posting new categories. Keep in mind that I categorized the old posts but the new posts will be structured for each category specifically.

  • Travel- I love to travel so this will be all about trips. Reviews. Ideas. Anything travel related.
  • Photography- Ohh Snap. This will be a place for me to post pictures. I hope to get involved with instagram a lot more and this will be a fun place to look at photos.
  • Love- All things about love. My love, your love, making fun of love, loving love etc….
  • Health and Fitness- Sometimes we just need a little motivation to get in shape, well here ya go.
  • Life- These postings will be most like the way I was posting. Just everyday life. Ups & ¬†Downs. Good & Bad.
  • Food- I like to eat and who doesn’t like food porn and recipes?
  • Bargains- Coupons/Deals/Free things, I love a good deal and I love to share.
  • Marketing- This will be business related stuff and marketing ideas for all of you entrepreneur minds.

This is just a rough draft but I wanted to share where I have been lately…. I promise, good things to come!!!!!



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