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It has been awhile since I have written on my blog. So much has changed. We have made our way to Europe and spent time in Germany. It doesn’t stop there though. Next month we are moving to the UK.

For Thanksgiving we spent time with our German landlords that have been very welcoming and warm, inviting us into their lives and home. It has allowed us to get to know and experience another culture. We wanted to repay the favor and cooked an American style Thanksgiving meal.

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We have so much to be Thankful for so here are a few thoughts for this holiday season.

Life is about the memories we create and we get so caught up in what is popular and material things that we make purchases we will inevitably regret.We are just as much a product of our society as the expensive gifts we exchange.What sets us apart from the past is that we are enveloped in the world of social media and internet, and use things for shameless self-promotion of our “things”.

I’m not saying you should never reward yourself with new things, but I encourage anyone reading this to spend money on experiences that create lifelong memories rather than on items that lose the “cool” factor within a short amount of time and most things these days lose their value immediately.

Matt and I try to keep investments and happiness at the forefront of our minds. Just the other day I had a friend say “I love it, Sherese! You’ve lived most people’s bucket lists already.”

I challenge you to start thinking about the memories you could be making with just a little bit of extra savings and a road map. Here are some photos of our recent travel memories over the last few months:

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