Expect the Unexpected

So, the other day I was looking for my ID and Credit Card. Since I started working out in the mornings and not wearing jeans, I don’t have pockets to throw them in. So anyway, I am digging around looking and found them. So I show AJ my cards. On a side note, AJ has been very generous and buys the food when I eat with them. He told me I didn’t need them because he was paying. I took them anyway.

I don’t want to take anything in life for granted. Ever.

I know that AJ pays. When I get the chance I take the bill and pay. We eat at the same places and the people at the places know that they wont let me pay. So it is rare but I am still trying. I never want to feel like I am taking advantage of situations. So, I want to be prepared.

So far this is exactly what I have needed. I have been so fortunate in starting this journey in this way. Although now I may not realize it, the lessons I am learning may be learned over a lifetime and are happening now, I just don’t see it. To think that a few people can make such a profound affect on your life forever, is a blessing. Sometimes we learn more about ourselves than we ever thought possible.

You know when you meet people that you know will stay in your heart forever? I am fortunate to have met many of those kinds of people. Therefore, I don’t want to take my time with them for granted. So I titled this ‘Expect the Unexpected’ because just like when I take money to pay even though it has always been covered. I refuse to assume it will be like this forever. So the people that are in my life now I feel the same way. I will make the most out of my time because you never know when it will all end.

So for today remember, memories are priceless treasures that you can forever cherish in your heart. These help you in your journey of life. Sometimes all it takes is one person or situation for us to look inside ourselves and see things in a whole new light.  Our lives become a world where the people we have are so precious, time is valuable and moments with them never seem to last long enough.

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