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Yesterday my mom called me and said my article was on the front page of the local paper of my hometown Abilene Kansas. I was at the library where my mom works where I met Lisa. She was photographing so I talked to her about her photography. She asked what I did and I explained that I was a photographer in the Dallas area but I was back home with the family for a bit after my journey. She asked if she could do an article for the paper and I agreed to do an interview to inspire my hometown. I thought she did a fantastic job. Here is the article:

Bishop Goes Back to Her Roots


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There is a familiar face back in town.

Sherese Bishop, raised in Abilene, has taken a break from her travels to spend time with her family.

Bishop finished her undergraduate degree at Kansas State University and then moved to Texas. She initially became a police officer in Dallas, then decided to obtain an MBA and focus on starting her own business. She was running a successful wedding photography business when tragedy struck.

Bishop’s husband took his own life, just days after moving out of their home last April. “Being faced with something like that makes you realize that life is too short. The small things in life no longer matter,” she said.

“I didn’t want to pretend like everything was ok, like he did,” Bishop said. “It was a lesson learned. He taught me that.”

After some struggle with how to move on, Bishop talked it over with her mom and came to the conclusion that she wanted to make a radical change in her life.

“I sold everything, packed up and left. I told myself that I had a year to be sad and to get my emotions right and whatever it is to purge those feelings. I didn’t want to put a fake smile on my face like everything was ok, when it wasn’t.”

She left her home in Texas last August. She has continued to visit many different states in her travels and just recently returned from a trip to Colombia.

Meeting others, and hearing their stories during her travels, is something she credits as helping on her journey to healing.

Bishop says, “I feel like you need to be able to go outside your comfort zone to grow as a person. And that’s what I did.”



My Aunt Sharon took that picture of the paper since I am not in Abilene to see it.

Another thing I get to cross off my bucket list and reminds me of the song “Famous in a Small Town”

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