England, Scotland and Daddo

You know how some people come into your life and enrich it by their sheer presence ?

That is Daddo.

Daddo is Matt’s dad and he came to visit for 2 weeks. We did the marathon while Daddo completed the half marathon. After our run in England, we went to Scotland for a week. Matt and Daddo went golfing, rode ATVs, tried archery, drank whisky and more… I hung back because I wanted to give them a chance for some one on one guy time.

One thing we did was “glamping” which is a term used in the UK for Glamorous Camping. You can see the Rectory Camp photos where we staying in a old train car.

I know for a fact that who you are is shaped by those you spend time with. Personalities are contagious, as is happiness, success, and what you surround yourself with is what you’ll get.  Both Matt and I enjoy spending time with Daddo and hope he comes to visit again soon.



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