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This week we went to Disneyland. Disneyland now is offering discounts to local residents of Southern California.

Tips for visiting Disneyland

1. Go in January. I am guessing it was after the holiday when everyone had a break that it was back to work and school that the lines didn’t exist. The longest line we waited in was 10 minutes for even the top rides.

2. Pack a bag. They allow you to bring bags with snacks and drinks. Take advantage of this. We still at lunch there but after walking around you get thirsty and hungry easy. Come prepared. The rides are accommodating to this also. No glass or alcohol.

3. If you are an adult without kids, plan to spend more time at California Adventure. It is geared more towards adults and they serve alcoholic beverages.

4. Download the app to see wait times and use the FastPass. Note you can only have one FastPass. ┬áThe trick is, once the time on your Fast Pass comes due, get another one BEFORE you go on your ride. This will cut down on your time between rides. Better yet, go in January, you won’t need a FastPass at all.

5. Get there before it opens so that when it does open you are one of the first to get in. The lines got longer the further into the day it got.

6. Favorite rides: Indiana Jones, Star Tours, Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Flying over California

7. Adults CAN order from the kid menu.

8. Cast members will take photos with your camera, free of charge.

9. Go to the Aladdin show in California Adventure. It is 45 minutes which is not only a great rest from walking and standing but a GREAT show.

10. Plan to be exhausted from all the excitement of the days. We used the afternoon to eat lunch and throw a few back.


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