Did You Forget to Say Thank You?

How often do you say “thank you” in a day? Did you remember to say thank you to the lady who packed your groceries at the checkout counter? Did you remember to say thank you to the stranger who held the elevator door for you at work?


Since preschool, we have been taught to always say “thank you” to people who lent a hand or has given us something. At times when we forgot, our mothers would scold us because we have been impolite. However, “thank you” goes beyond good manners and right conduct. “Thank you” are among the most powerful words that can create so much more than a smile.


“Thank you” is comprised only of two words but it can make someone’s day. To make someone know that we appreciate their efforts can go a long way. We might not know it but maybe the person who offered help was having a bad day but regardless of being down in the dumps, he chose to lend a hand. Our simple but sincere “thank you” can brighten up his mood and turn his day around.


Saying “thank you” can also make great transformations in our social life. These pair of words can help us have a better relationship with those who are already dear to us. When we make our friends and family feel that they are appreciated, it makes them feel that we value having them in our lives. On the other hand, saying “thank you” can create new friendships. It opens us up to meeting new people which could potentially lead to a fruitful friendship or so much more.


It’s easy to say “thank you” for the big things – for gifts, favors and helping hands. It’s also equally easy to forget saying “thank you” for the small things that others do for us. Make it a habit to say “thank you” and watch how your life and your attitude towards it will change for the better.


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