Defining Success, Redefining Life

Everybody wants to be successful in their life, but many few reach what they define as success. I have never believed in luck, instead I believed in action.

Success is the reflection of your action. There are people who want to grow high and have the so called ambition, but lacks in effort to work for it. I always say that dreams are important for life. Dreaming actually urges you to walk an extra mile if you take action on the dreams. Success is just the conversion of actually working towards your dreams.

Do whatever you love to do. The passion is always important and most of the time it plays the most crucial role in determining the success. If you do something that you are not passionate about, then you will miss the fuel for your success. I have experienced many challenges and ups and downs in life. Time comes when you need to back yourself. Fuel your own idea and determination to proceed. No journey towards success is easy and comfortable, but it is exciting and of course challenging.

You need to work hard when times are tough. There might be stages when you will not have any direction at all, but believe me, bad stages are equally as helpful in defining your journey. Stay steady in bad times and remember these times will give you a valuable lesson in life and  bring meaning to success.

Defining Success is redefining life and it is up to you to get inspired.

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