Deer Hunt

Yesterday I went hunting with JD (Annie’s boyfriend) and their neighbors. Started the morning by getting up at 4:30 to drive to their house. I was about the only person on the road that early. It was foggy and cold out. I don’t think we got to the field till after 7. Who knows what time we actually got started. When isn’t life hurry up and wait?

First we walked into the woods. We were in an area that was really wooded. We walked up to the field where the trucks were parked where there was a clearing and that is where we saw our first doe. It was still really foggy so it was hard to see and the doe was at least 60 yards. JD took a shot but the distance was far and the fog was thick.

The coolest part of hunting (besides the weather) was hearing the dogs hunt. When they first dropped them, you could hear them and their excitement to be out and about. We saw them a few times they would stop for a pet and then be off again barking and exploring. That’s how I live life, excited, making whereabouts known and always ready for an adventure.

We moved to another field to see if we could get any more action. We were there about 15 minutes and JD and I were sitting there talking. All of the sudden he says DEER. I turn and look in the direction that he pulled the gun up to. All I said was “ohh fuck”. I didn’t pull my gun up or even think to try to take a shot. All I could think is this deer is going down. Only I must have left my ninja reaction skills in the truck. JD took a shot, nothing. Took another one and the deer stumbled.¬†Adrenaline pumping the deer kept running. Boom, shot number 3 and nothing. So we get up and go in the direction of the deer to look. We go into the woods we could smell the doe but couldn’t see it. We tried to find blood trail or anything to see if the deer was hurt or where it went. We couldn’t find anything. Deer #2 was an opportunity that wasn’t capitalized on.

My best catch of the day

Annie had a wedding to go to so we headed to the house to take care of the kids. Did I mention it was a bit cold out? So I spent time snuggled on the couch watching Duck Dynasty with some of my favorite little people (and dog) while warming up. Perfect way for my first time hunting to end.


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