Deep Conversations

Since I was in the area, I wanted to visit Yolanda and the family. I contacted them and made plans to spend the day with them. I was excited because Yolanda told me I would get to meet some of their children.

On the way over to their house I got into a deep conversation with Steve on the phone about fears. I talk a lot about facing fears yet sometimes I am just as guilty of letting fears get the best of me. Steve has offered to let me stay with them (him and his mom) yet I kept pushing it away and I never had a good reason why. My real reason… Fear. After we exchanged some thoughts (a lot of me just listening and doing my best to understand and see a different point of view) I knew I had a lot of thinking to do.

Why is is that we spend so much energy protecting ourselves from something we don’t even know if it will happen?  I figured out I need to stop trying to protect myself from hurt and pain and embrace life and those that care. Hope is a word that he used over and over. With hope it is important that we don’t underestimate one’s will to live. With hope you can get up after we fall and love again after we experience a heartache. It is in those moments of darkness that even though you can’t see it that doesn’t mean there isn’t light within reach. That is what hope gives us.

I told him I had a lot of thinking to do and would get back with him on my thoughts because for now, I wanted to spend time with the family.

When I got to Yolanda’s it was like visiting family. Even with the kids, though I had never met them, we talked like we were catching up. What I love about the family is that they are all creative thinkers.

We went out and played badminton so that was my second time playing. I am not good but I found myself being really hard on myself. I’ve noticed that the words you use, even when talking about yourself, can either encourage you to remain positive or make things worse. It is important that you chose what you say wisely, even when talking about yourself. This is something I have to work at regularly and it was evident in badminton.

Later we all sat around and decorated the tree. I had left my camera in the car but just sitting there it was so beautiful. I knew I couldn’t capture it all on the camera but I wanted to be able to share what I could. What you can’t feel is the warmth coming from the fireplace and the music being played and the really good conversation. Here is what I took away:

  • You are limited by what you know. It is important that you embrace learning and educating yourself. Educating yourself doesn’t mean going to school. George is a teacher and he likes to teach topics that he can also learn from.  A passion for knowledge starts with the desire to learn from within.  Exploit your curiosities in life and never stop learning.
  • We can all benefit from having a set of guidelines that we live our life by. They don’t have to be goals or define where we are going. They are more like habits that define our character as a human. For each person they can be different and for each person they can change. The book that was brought up was The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • What most people don’t do very well is enjoying what they have and living in the moment. If you are positive in life, than positive things happen. You shouldn’t diminish where you currently are and what you have by thinking of the things you want or don’t have. Everything that you have right now is in some way things that you were once wishing that you had.
  • Compassion is a large part of understanding others. Compassion comes back around. People who have an appreciation for others and that are sensitive to other people’s choices have a deep love and concern. People that are compassionate aren’t born that way but develop their compassion over their entire life. In every persons heart there is love and in every life there is worth. Compassion is seeing these things in others even when people don’t fit our mold.


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