Dear Friends, With Love… Please Comment

Today when I was leaving Matt to head to the coffee shop to write my blog, he asked what I was going to write about. I told him I didn’t know yet and asked him for any suggestions. His response was “write about something that inspires you”.
So as I was driving, I was thinking about the comment. I mean every day I write about something that inspires me in some way. So it seemed like a very “duh” statement to me. Till I thought about it more…What inspires me is my relationships with others. That is what life is about to me. I value the people in my life so much. My friends inspire me. ¬†I write about my friends in general but I never really “write” about my friends.
This journey is good for my growth and it wouldn’t be so amazing without all of my friends. To show you how amazing my friends are, here is what I received¬†from friends while writing this:
Brandon sent me a text “Hope you’re having a good day”
Cathy posted and tagged me:
Amber posted to my Facebook “I miss you DANG IT!”
DAMN…. All I can think about now is how REALLY amazing my friends are and how much they mean to me and inspire me. I am one lucky girl.
So now, I want to share my friends but to write about every friend and how they have inspired me on this one blog post would take me forever. So I am going to make everyone a deal…..
If you take the time to comment to this blog post, I will write a blog post about you and how you impact my life and inspire me. I want to share my friends with my blog world so PLEASE comment and let me know that you would let me write about you and share our story.

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