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Tuesday I flew from Maryland to Cleveland for a job interview. I wouldn’t be moving to Cleveland but the headquarters was there. It was a company called Dealer Tire and I would be a training coordinator.

I got to meet 2 other applicants and what I realized is that the competition is fierce. I have been applying and looking for a job for awhile now and until I met some others of my competition, I didn’t realize how tough the market really is. I was the only one the company had flown in which was exciting.


Not only were the people there incredibly nice. The company was great. I had to give a powerpoint presentation over tires which I know very little about. My favorite part of the tour was all the art of all kinds. It was so awesome!



After a few hour interview I got back on a plane and headed back to Kansas where I am hanging with the family.



Looking for a job is draining. There are so many possibilities and decisions that everything can be a bit overwhelming. The stress of waiting to hear from a job and then the disappointment over and over starts to wear. The best gift at this time that I can give myself is to believe in me. It is a mindset in which success comes from. What you think about yourself determines how you feel and the actions you will take in order to achieve your ultimate goal.

I keep getting rejected or rejecting jobs that I don’t believe fit me. Many people would feel defeated and like failure but I think if it doesn’t work out, something will so I have to keep moving forward and there is always the next opportunity. I think this can relate to a number of things in life.


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