Day Zero

Southwest has some amazing flight deals at times. So back in June, I found a flight from Dallas to New Orleans for $97 round trip. This was before I had ever decided to start on my journey of moving around, so I had no idea how this trip would be so important.

I was telling my younger sister about how I was going but not doing the traditional things, and she said how fun that sounded and that she would look at plane tickets and see if she could join. So I surprised her by buying her one. She had NO idea what her older sister was getting her into.

So the story highlights start when I am on the shuttle going to get my rental car. Two other ladies were on there and they started talking to me. Great conversation was exchanged as they told me about how they take trips all over together. They were married and from Dallas. When they asked where I lived I told them Dallas but not for long. They were super encouraging and one of them said “Life is an adventure, take it” and the other one said “If we were your age, I am sure we would be joining you”. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I stopped to take a pic of the back of the bus that said ‘Journey On’. The ladies at the gate asked what I had done, I explained I loved what it said so I took a pic and they gave me what my sister and I called, Journey Man.

My sister came in a bit later so I got back to the airport and there she was waiting, waiving her arms, excited that we were together on this journey. We headed to our first destination “Gueydan, LA. – Duck Capital of America” which was about 3 hours away. We had plenty of time to talk about life and where it was taking us.

When we pulled into town we saw a duck float and found out the parade would be starting in 2 hours. So in the meantime, we went to eat at the local cafe. We walked in and could tell people were staring but we couldn’t figure out why. Later we discovered there aren’t many tall blondes in the area. After we went and found a spot and waited for the parade. It was just what we expected for a small town parade but the best part was the floats came by twice which meant double the candy.

After the parade we wanted to go explore a bit. So we drove out to Pecan Island. There we played with the gators by feeding them beef jerky and thinking the car somehow made us bullet proof allowing us the courage to get really close to them. On our drive back, anytime we talked about it, I got goosebumps. What a rush.

When we got back to town, we stopped to go look at the Duck Festival. Yes, you read that right we went to a Duck Festival. This is where we learned why we stuck out. I had my camera with me and people asked where we were from. Two of the “young” (and really I just say that because they are young at heart)¬†gentlemen we met asked what I was taking pics of and I told them and explained why. Don’t worry if you stay tuned to part 2 you will see yourself. They offered to take us to breakfast in the morning and tell us more about the area. We agreed and little did we know what we were getting into.

We went and listened to the band and I decided I wanted up close video, so I went and waited back stage. As I did, I met so many people that asked what I was doing. A guy that worked at a radio station heard my story and took a picture with me and posted to Facebook then introduced me to others. I even got video of Kristi from Swamp People playing the washboard. Earl Washboard Sally was who I was waiting on and I was able to get a video of him. My sister was tired of being eaten alive by the bugs and our journey for the day came to an end and we were ready to face round two in the morning.

On the way home I was thinking of how glad I was to be able to share the time with my sister. She holds a special place in my heart and every day I learn more about her. I know how much she looks up to me which encourages me to be the best that I can so that she can be proud. I don’t think she realizes how much I look up to her and how special she is in my life. If you ever get the chance to meet her here are some things you will notice: her smile because she is always smiling, her ability to treat everyone with kindness and respect and her ability to put off positive vibes and leave a person with a little more love in your heart.

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