Day of Resting

I spent today resting. I was so tired from my previous days I just took it easy. I walked around to find an ATM and to go to book stores. Here in Cambodia they use USD and they drive on the right side of the road. Most people speak at least a little English. It is refreshing.

Since I did have a day to chill I decided to work on the part of my trip when Matt comes to meet me. I have to say I am really excited. I got all the flights and most of the hotels booked. I meet up with him the end of July. Our itinerary is:

1 week Bali

Few days Singapore

1 week Philippines


Few days Hong Kong

I still have many weeks before I see him which feels like forever. On the bright side Rachel comes in less than a week now! It is going to be a whole new adventure.

Lodging $7

Food $8

Total $15

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