Day of Rest

So today is day 7 of working out. Also my day of rest. I started workout videos last week. Saturday I hurt so bad. I was a bit disappointed in myself. I guess because in my mind a was a super hero ninja fighter chic and well doing those videos made me feel very short of having any kind of super hero powers. In fact, I am very much out of shape.

New Body Under Construction

Saturday I spent most of the day feeling grumpy and mad at myself for being so out of shape because I was in pain. I hurt. I couldn’t move anything without being reminded of how bad I had let myself get. Pretty sure when I was working out it wasn’t sweat, it was my body crying some mad tears.


Of course I took “before” pictures for all of you but I am not sharing till I have some “after” results. I want to be healthy but to be honest my goal in my mind is to look good naked. That’s right, NAKED!!



So this week besides the few choice words I screamed at the “trainer” that couldn’t hear, the feeling of a old person barely able to get up from a chair or walk, the misconception that yoga would be the ‘easy’ day, and the lack of overnight results I got from working out… I would say this week was a big success for me. I made it. I am here writing for you all to read.

And if any of you want to be my daily ‘motivation’ partner, by all means hit me up. I could use a little friendly banter in the workout department. I promise to harass you constantly about working out. Isn’t that what friends are for?

Watch this letter to hard work:

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