Day of Golf & New Friends

On Sunday we have been going to Tama Hills so that I can take golf lessons. I can say that I have tried golf and it definitely isn’t my favorite sport to play. I guess because there is too many “formalities” of it down to they dictate what is appropriate attire. You have to be quiet, you can’t move around much or talk while someone is hitting, and the people that play it often seem pretentious.  It isn’t a sport that you can show up, not knowing anything, and expect to have a good time. You have to make an investment before you can enjoy it and I don’t have the patience to try it just to find out  I don’t like something. I am trying, but as you can tell my attitude is pretty bad about the sport.

On the bright side. I do enjoy being outside in nice weather so as long as it stays nice, I can probably talk me into at least attempting to hit a ball at a driving range.

After our golf, we went out with Hiro my golf instructor. We had an amazing time and met many people. We tried horse and squid. We took shots of Sake.  The food was so good and the people we shared our time with was even better. It is definitely an experience we will treasure forever.

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