Day 0.3

After spending time with Dale and AJ we drove back to NOLA (New Orleans). The whole ride home all we could talk about was how amazing things had turned out to be. My sister had never spent any time in New Orleans so I took her to the French Quarter and the Garden District. We had some Cajun food, listened to some live music, drive around the city, then headed to our hotel for bed because we had to be to the airport first thing.

The end of the trip was bittersweet as many things are these days. We were up and out the door of the hotel bright and early. I had to part with my sister and head back to Dallas to pack up my life. While sitting at the airport, I had time to reflect on what had just taken place over the weekend.

For starters, it gave me hope. Here I am about to set off on a journey of unknown, to be around people that I don’t know.Though I didn’t know it at the time of booking it, the weekend trip had been a small taste of what is to come. Life is a gift so it is important that we take the time to see the gift.

To me, the weekend was a practice run and I had found success. While talking to Dale, I came more to terms with the fact that I don’t fear failure. I have already committed to a great journey of learning more about who I am and life’s lessons. I know it will be challenging and hard at times, I want it to be. So friends, if I call you crying saying I want to come home, remind me to read this blog.

This struggle will challenge my heart and mind to become stronger and ultimately I will be a better person. My goal in life isn’t to compete with the people around me, my goal is to push myself to be better than I was the day before. In order to do this, I feel like I have to lose sight of the person I am to be able to see the person I will become.

My goal is to inspire people in life to live their dreams also. Therefore, I will be the best example I can be. I don’t want to live life of what COULD have been but I want to live a life of what it SHOULD be. I believe that life gives you lessons to remind you of what is truly important it is just a matter of if you are listening.

I know pain and how hard it is to be patient in discovering the meaning of the pain. Just like when we feel physical pain, it is our body’s way of telling us to make changes so we don’t hurt more. Emotional pain is the same way. Pain is a warning for creating change so we aren’t¬†destructive in our lives. Some choose to ignore it. Not me. I am opening my heart to learning from the pain by living my dreams in order to have a better future. Life is never easy or as we expect but life is a chance to live no matter what is thrown your way. That chance is mine. No matter how it ends, I refuse to be anything but happy.

Happiness can be defined by different means to different people. My trip validated that my heart is exactly where it should be. I love people more than anything which is why when I returned to Dallas it was easy to let go of the material things I owned. No material items will replace the joy I found in meeting new people and hearing their story.

I want to share with you a short video of short clips of the “things” we got to experience. Please note that there is joy in this experience but the true joy for me was the people. The people in my life are the best people in the whole world, because they are my world.



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