Three’s Company

I made it to destination. Crowley Louisiana. As soon as I got here, Dale told me to pull out a pair of boots because we were going down to pump water out of an area where he was doing some dirt work. He hadn’t even given me a hug. I grab the boots and off we go. We stopped at AJ’s shop to pick him up. We get over there and Dale pulled 25+ times to get the pump going, AJ walks over there and pulls once and it started right up. AJ-1 Dale-0

Since AJ and Dale are the 2 I am staying with I will let you know a little about them since you will hear about them a lot. They are 2 weeks apart and have been friends since the 5th grade. You don’t get one with out the other. AJ says “his give a damn is busted”. He will say whatever is on his mind when it is on his mind. He sounds very
‘cajun’ and likes jokes. Dale loves to talk about his family so you can tell he is a family guy. Both of them can talk, so we all get along great. You will hear about the 2 of them a lot so as I learn more and have more stories I will post them so be ready.

I made it and I am getting settled in. I have a place to stay at both of their houses and they are always together. Dale has a ranch with a bunch of big horses. AJ has a ranch that has a pool with a really pretty gazebo. I will post pictures of it all soon. It is Three’s Company now.

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