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I have been on the hunt for a new career path lately. Some positions I have turned down, other positions I have been turned away. Looking is never fun. My options are wide open in the sense of location and I have experience in a number of fields so I am also open to positions. I want something that will challenge me and for a location I would like something a bit warmer. Most of all, I am looking for the right fit.

Adam posted a link to an article: Stop Waiting for Things to Get Better that I think all of us can read. The creator of the article wrote an amazing letter to his friends trying to get a job:

Subject:  Request for Help

Dear Friends,

Few things are as sublime as genuine dependence.  Having no shame in asking for what you need. Today, I need your help.

I need and want work.  I’ve been plugging along with Lucid [an event I produced] and my blog for a while now, but frankly, I don’t make enough money to support myself, much less the family that’s in my future. I also find myself eager to show up someplace where I can contribute to a larger team.

I have a request: If any of you have ideas or leads for jobs, will you please let me know?

What I’m looking for: I’m open. I see my chief strengths as written and spoken communication as well as relationship forging and maintaining. I do event stuff, but my main joy is working with people. I believe these qualities lend themselves to writing, sales, marketing, HR, PR or advertising positions.

Just as important as what I will do is where. I want to be in a dynamic, progressive, conscious/non-evil environment. I’m open to big and small organizations alike–-from Google to start-ups. Regular work is preferred to freelance, though I’m open to the latter.  Some areas I’ve been considering are tech, marketing/branding firms/shops, food, conferences/events and media. But again, I’m open to suggestions.

My resume is thin, but I’m not afraid to start at the beginning. I welcome the opportunity to prove myself.

I will reach out to you personally, but I want to first cast a wide net. If you have any suggestions or are willing to lend your insights, please let me know. I look forward to spam-free communication meeting.

Until then, with great appreciation,


I am not one that is sitting here waiting for a job to come to me. I have created a “bold” style resume that I hope not only makes employers stop and take a second look at my resume but also tells them a bit about my personality. I am sure that some think that it isn’t professional but what I have found is that it gets me a great response from the kind of employers I am interested in working for.

You can see a copy of it here: Sherese Bishop’s Resume

I wanted to share this with you because every day I am getting job contacts and for some, something like this might work. I am sure that when most of you think of resumes you think professional, neat, black and white. I think different. Maybe because I am a visual person but I am a strong advocate for different. So different is what my resume is and I am hoping for me that it gets the job done.


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