Coon Hunting

So last night I got to go coon hunting. It was my first time and there was a group of 5 of us as well as dogs. We headed out to AJ’s ranch where we started. I was the only girl so I got to ride on the back of the 4 wheeler and 3 of the guys walked with the dogs. Growing up I rode a 4 wheeler but never through swampy areas like this. We would ride up some banks that were lined with tall brush and once we would break the line we would go down the bank into some water. It was fun and the guys treated me like a lady helping me not to get dirty and watching out for me.

They turned the dog lose in the tree line and off it went through the water. We could hear the dog “bay” (a sound the dog makes) every once in a while. The person that owned the dog could tell when the dog had treed the coon and then the race was on. We would go to the area the dog was at. The dog would bay at the bottom of the tree and jump on the tree.

We never found the coon so they decided to relocate. At the new location we pulled the trailer behind the 4 wheeler and the 3 guys and the dog rode in the trailer. We got to the put in location and off the dog went. Again the dog would bay and off the guys went. This time there wasn’t a 4 wheeler that I could ride on and I wasn’t about to miss the action so off I went too. We ran through all kinds of brush and trees and my boots started getting water in them from the swamp. At one point one of the guys stopped and asked if I was ok and told me I could wait there. I may be a girl, but not a girly one. I wanted in on the action too. So off I went in the swamp with the water up to my knees. Talk about a work out running through, water, mud, tripping over vines and stumps. It was a rush.

We never did get the coon BUT it was an experience. I feel very fortunate the guys invited me out and I hope to have many more adventures to come.

I will add a video clip soon.



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