Cold…Cold… Night

I spent the day driving from Boston to Maine knowing I would dread sleeping in my car because of the cold weather. The drive was very nice and all I expected it to be. The one thing I do have to point out is being as how it is winter, it is very dead up here for the tourist locations. I love that. I get to meet the locals and don’t have to fight crowds. Simple and Perfect.

I went to Kennebunkport which is a town that the Bush family visited in the summer often. I took a picture of their little compound. Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach was dead. It looked fun but there was very little life. Though I love crazy towns full of life, I enjoyed seeing things raw and without life sometime. It brings good contrast to DC where I spent some time.

Reminded me of the simple things in life. I am a constant struggle to make things more simple. Oxymoron right? I also want you as my reader to reach your potential. I know you want to because you are reading my blog.

So we’re alike in that we want to experience more in life. I am so glad you are here.

So many people assume that they will simply grow by living. Not the case. You have to work at it. That is exactly what I am doing and pushing myself to grow and appreciate everything in life. I don’t want to take my time for granted. I sleep in freezing weather in my car because you better believe when I get a bed and warm shower, I appreciate it that much more.

I don’t want to just live, I want to change the way people in my life look at their life. I have been blessed in life, I only want to share.

So here I sit, at The Local Buzz (coffee and alcohol all in one establishment). I hear the locals, I interact, I smell the drinks and food, I feel the warmth and can’t help but to smile at the cold…cold…. night ahead.




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