So Christie can tell you the story better than I. She has been my longest friendship as I have known her for around 20 years. I met her when we were kids. She was skating and fell down and I offered to help her by taking her home to my mom for assistance in making it all better

As kids we were always at each others house. Even when grounded from each other we would find ways to sneak to see each other. We couldn’t stand to be separated and if there was a way to discipline me, it was to take Christie away from me. As a kid, my world wasn’t a good place without Christie in it. She was my rock.

Christie is older than me so naturally I looked up to her growing up. To this day it hasn’t stopped. In our relationship, I was the wild child and Christie was the good one (or so everyone thought). The thing is though, Christie ALWAYS stood up for me. My childhood was a bit rough but never did Christie turn her back on me. Even through our girl fights, it is Christie that taught me how to kiss and make up. She was my first BEST FRIEND and one thing we did as kids was write each other letters so here goes.

To my first BFF- Christie,

If there was anyone that never lost faith in me it was you. Through the years I have given you more than enough reasons to not like me but you never stopped. I remember moving away from you as a kid and I felt like I had betrayed you. I felt like I had let you down and that haunted me for years. Sometimes I think it still does because I lost out on years with you and I was so ashamed of my life.

You helped form my views of friendship in the most fundamental years for that of my life. You showed me how strong you really are and I got some of my strength from you. You were the one person that I felt was on my side through my childhood years.

I always knew the day would come that we would have our own lives and we wouldn’t be the girls next door. That day came way too fast. I remember when you came to live with me for the first time as adults and what an opportunity I saw that as to be a part of your daily life again. I wanted the little girl relationship that we once had and I had no idea what I was in for so much more. When you left, I thought for sure it was over and I wouldn’t see you again.

What I need you to know is during that time I saw you as an amazing mother that was doing the best she could. You are an amazing mom that showed me what it is to be altruistic. I didn’t understand it at the time but now I have a very deep appreciation for your role in my life.

When we reconnected and I would visit you in Tulsa, I never did express what you had meant to me in all those years. Even now I don’t think words can describe your impact in my life but there are some things I need you to know.

I love you and always have. I don’t think I say that enough to you these days. Actually I know I don’t say it enough. I also can’t thank you for falling down that day I met you because extending my hand to help others has always been a passion. I know that our lives aren’t what we talked about as those young girls but to me they are so much better then we ever dreamed. All we have been through ignites us giving us strength to know how to be better at being a friend. So today, I want to say you have always been my first best friend and you will always be very near and dear to my heart. Should you ever need someone to help you when you fall down again, I am always here.

I love you friend.



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