Choosing Happiness

So here is the deal. Sometimes people ask me with what I have gone through, how I stay so positive. To me, it isn’t always easy but it is what keeps me going.

First off, every day I wake up I tell myself that I am going to make it a good day. It is a conscious choice that I have to make. If I wake up already thinking my defeat than I have already lost. Being happy is a choice that I make. If you tell yourself you are happy, even if it is over and over, you start to believe yourself. Happiness becomes easier.



I honestly believe we have the power within to decide what we feel. At first you may have to force yourself to smile and it may be fake. Sometimes it is fake for me to. Power through and it is tough, that is the best advice I can give. I get that sometimes being happy is the last choice you want to chose, but it is always the best.

Sometimes it will feel as though you can’t get a break and being mad or upset is what feels natural. Just know that isn’t required. You chose how you think about things. When you learn that choosing to be happy makes you a stronger and wiser person, being happy isn’t that much work after all and worth it in the end. If you choose to be happy, it seems as though luck is on your side because you accept things for what they are and you make the most out of life no matter what it throws your way.

You don’t have to be psychologist to understand that being around someone that is happy is infectious to others around them. People like to hang around happy people because it lifts their spirits also. This is so important to realize for yourself.

I guess I think of it like this… Happy people don’t have the most in life, they just make the most of what they do have. The people that win in life, win because when others quit, they keep going without feeling sorry for themselves. They find new solutions, new possibilities, and they have hope for brighter days.

Happiness is a journey. It isn’t the reward that you get at the end of something but it is what you do along the way. Once you find yourself happy you can’t stop. It has to be maintained. So choose to be happy now and forever. The choice is yours!


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