Chasing Your Dreams

When you tell someone you quit your job, they often think that you quit because you didn’t have the courage to keep going. Personally, I think people don’t quit when they want to because of fear. No one wants to think of themselves as a failure that quickly.

I quit my job.

I was miserable there. I keep kidding myself thinking that I can live a conventional life but the more I try the more discouraged I get with my attempts. I believe in something different. I think that we are shaped by our disappointments just as much as we are shaped by our successes. These things shape us. It isn’t always the success stories that explain how a person achieved great things. Many times it is the things we tried to do and couldn’t or those things we struggle with that makes all the difference. We are taught to fear failure but it isn’t bad if you are resilient enough to dust yourself off and keep moving forward. Sometimes when you face a disappointment, it is for a good reason.

The more you chase your dreams and accomplish your goals, the more you grow through the process and learn that anything is possible.

10 Quick Thoughts :

  1. By chasing dreams, you develop courage.
  2. Through the trials, you will come to appreciate the experience of tough times.
  3. Dreams give you a reason to keep moving forward.
  4. When you fail and survive, you grow stronger.
  5. If you think of failure as an experiment, you learn to explore new possibilities.
  6. Curiosity drives creativity.
  7. Happiness is the key to success.
  8. Believe in YOU because you create your opportunities.
  9. Think big and live in the possibility.

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