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Starting this blog is obviously new to me. It has given me so many ideas and my thinking has completely changed. I am inspiring myself. I know it seems weird but let me explain. Since I am trying to master writing for a blog my goals are to write things that my readers: 1. Want to read 2. Relate and learn from 3. Make them want to return for more. So in everything I do and see I am thinking ‘what can I take away from this so that can I write about this on my blog to meet my goals’?  I come up with so many things that it is hard to decide on just one. It has changed my whole outlook. So for today, I will leave you with thoughts and where I got them from.

  • ·          Bumper Stickers: Stand for something and believe in it. Even if you stand alone, at least you’re standing.
  • ·         Bank Teller: If you make it a point to be kind, people notice. Being kind and hard work will take you further than any amount of knowledge.
  • ·          Blog: everything around you changes when you change the way you look at it. Want to change your world? Change the way you look at the things in your world. If you want to make a positive change in your life, you can start by making a positive impact in someone else. Even if it is just smiling at every stranger you see. It will be an extremely rewarding experience. I promise.
  • ·         Myself: Sometimes the best times in life isn’t when no one understands you, it is when you don’t understand yourself. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart, trust your instincts, know your strengths, face your fears, and BELIEVE in yourself.
  • ·         Sister: Happiness means different things for different people. The only expectation you should live up to is your own. Embrace your uniqueness because you will never be what others think you should be.
  • ·         Tears: May not be what you want but sometimes it is what you need. Sometimes, you are better off for it and sometimes you have to feel the pain to appreciate the joy. Tears often clear your eyes so you can see things better.
  • ·         Camera: Take lots of pictures of things that are important to you at any given time. Memory can fade and someday you will want to go back to that memory.
  • ·         Job: You work for yourself. PERIOD. If you think you work for someone, remember this: You sell your employer aka “customer” YOUR time for a fixed price, no matter how you look at it.
  • ·         Mom: Sometimes you just need a little home, no matter where you move that is where your heart is and will always be. Sometimes you have to take care of yourself and no one else and in those times it isn’t selfish, it is personal development.
  • ·         Friends: They see the pain when everyone else sees the smile. They give the most valuable gift of time. Even if they don’t agree, they will support your dreams and encourage you every step along the way. Truth is most people will come into your life for a period of time and go when you no longer serve a purpose. Friends are those that remind you of your purpose for a lifetime.
  • ·         Past relationships: sometimes you have to face the choice to lose yourself or to lose someone else. Stay true to yourself, ALWAYS. Saying goodbye can be painful but at the same time necessary.
  • ·         Money: it affords you things but don’t lose track of things money can’t buy (time, friends, family and life experiences).
  • ·         Death: Losing someone isn’t the worst thing in life, what is worst is what dies inside you when you are still breathing. People can’t live forever, so cherish what you have in the moment. You don’t realize what they mean until the day they are no longer there.
  •      Dog: Be loyal to those you love because being alone is no way to go through life, it is called a pack for a reason. When you are chasing something GO after it, you don’t want something else to get it first, do you? At the end of a long day, NOTHING is better than  being with those you love most.



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