In July a few years I went with my friend Blair to Kaboom town in Addison where we met up with his parents Cathy and Peter. What better way to meet people than with fireworks, food and some drinks? Instantly Cathy was so energetic and talked to me like I had been a part of the family for years.

At first glance you this lady with the most awesome short red hair that Cathy pulls off in an incredible way that very few could do. This pretty much sums up Cathy’s personality. She is an incredible person that relates to others in a way that very few people do. I have always felt like I matter to Cathy.

I went to Austin with the family for Jenna (youngest and only daughter’s 21st birthday) and I felt like I was a part of the family. That trip really set the tone for our relationship. We walked by a poster about bacon and instantly we connected through our love for bacon. Anyone that likes bacon is instantly an awesome person.

After the whole ordeal last April, Cathy instantly became a huge support system to me. She sent me messages every day for months and we would meet up often to talk about life. She was one of the few that went to the funeral with me and was very much a part of my healing. Seeing as how my biological mother lived in Kansas, Cathy did a great job of offering me support in a motherly role.

From that point forward I had a whole new respect for Cathy. I see her as more than just a friend’s mom. She is family to me and family doesn’t have to mean blood. I have grown incredibly close to Cathy and that is because she took me in and made me feel like I mattered. She was there for me when I needed people to surround me with love and she has never stopped.

Cathy is always thinking about the people she loves, and does what she can to make them comfortable. I know,without a doubt, I can count on Cathy to be there for me in a time of need. I only hope someday I can return the favor.

For now I can’t get enough dates that involve life, movies, chicken/waffles, drinks, and BACON!!!!

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