Case of the Mondays

It is the start of the week. Monday… Every day I go to breakfast at the Rice Palace here in Crowley. There I have started to know a lot of the people that are there. When I talked to them this morning, I heard many complaints because it was back to work. I often wonder why is it that we wish our life away?

What if today was the last Monday you had, would that change your view? Monday is a variable that we can’t control. I am just reminding myself, as well as my readers that there are some unfortunate people who aren’t here with us anymore that would love to be in our shoes and have another chance to embrace Monday.

Another Case of the Mondays

Make every day count starting now because you may not be able to experience these moments again.

Talk to people that you don’t know and hear what they have to say because you can learn a lesson from everyone you meet. Some of these people you meet you know right away what their purpose in you life is, cherish their presence. Others you may not ever know their impact but in some way they help you figure out who you are or what you want to become and love those changes. Even bad experiences with people can sometimes be the most important ones because it can show you what not to do.

If someone loves you, love them back however you can. They are teaching you to open your heart. Always let them know your love because you never know what life has in store for you. Time is something you can never buy back.

Don’t hang on to anger and pain because without obstacles you wont know your heart. So take the bad with the good. Moments of weakness remind us of your strengths. If life was always easy, it would be dull and so much more would be taken for granted.

Most importantly: Love yourself. Don’t wish your life away. Realize the potential to create your own life and love every moment…. Including Mondays.




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