California Interview

I have amazing friends. AMAZING. I flew out to LA for a job interview in Orange County. My friend Corrie drove from Reno area to come see me. It was a 9 hour drive for her. When she got to the hotel we went to the hotel bar. We didn’t leave the rest of the night. We made some friends and had a lot of fun.

So the next morning I had my interview. First I couldn’t find my suit jacket for my interview. I knew that some lady had picked it up thinking it was here. Then the freak out moment when I went to leave, I couldn’t find my keys. I just knew they were in my jacket. Luckily Corrie was there so I could just use her car to get to the interview. On my way out of the hotel I realized I had left my car with valet and they had my keys. The interview morning wasn’t starting out the best. On my way I called Matt and I got to explain to him my level of how I acted responsible the night before a big interview…. but hey…. I had fun! It was well worth the scolding and an interview I wont forget.

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