Brings Back Memories

I went to Rockport Texas for a job interview but I decided not to take the position that was offered to me. So Matt met me in Rockport to hit the road with me. Matt has never been to Texas so I wanted to show him a few things.

Our first stop was San Antonio. We went by the Alamo and walked around. We enjoyed our time on the riverwalk and made our way around to some of the bars. It was a fun crazy night out.

The next morning we got up and headed to Fredericksburg. It is a “German” town that is full of wineries. We went to a winery and it was Matt’s first time. It was an experience. We had German food for dinner. Afterwards we went out to some Texas bars and they were very Texas. Texas music and Texas jokes with some good ol Texas boys.

On the way to Dallas we stopped in Austin to eat with my once upon a time roomie Rachel. We would have hung out in Austin but South by Southwest was going on. We spent the night in Dallas hanging out with friends and crashing out.

The next morning we drove to Tulsa to eat lunch with my family. On the way I posted a message on my friend Christie’s Facebook page that I missed her. I would go to Tulsa a few times a year and I would go to see her. She is a friend from childhood. Well, little did I know she was in town too! She lives in Texas but was dropping the kids off for spring break. Even her parents from Kansas were in town and I hadn’t seen them since I was a kid. As I said on Facebook:┬áReminds me to always let people know when they are on your mind, you never know how it can change things.

For now, I am back in Kansas with my family… It brings back memories

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