Today is a blogaversary! ¬†I started this blog not knowing where it would lead me in life or exactly why I was even starting it. All I knew was I wanted to share my feelings in life and get them in writing because I knew it wouldn’t always be that way and I would want to reflect. I also knew that there were others in the world that would share in some of the same thoughts and feelings that I was going through. I knew that if I could think through my feelings and write them that I could help myself. In the process I wanted to help others.

Sometimes we aren’t always real with ourselves or even true to who we are. Sometimes we don’t hold ourselves accountable but we know if we put ourselves out there that others will be. We don’t always understand how someone so different from us in some way seem to be more like us than we want to admit. I say all of this because I know from my blog that we all relate in some way.

In the year I have been filled with so much in writing. In a year I can experienced so much and come so far. My heart feels so full. While I have good days and bad one thing I know is the blog documents much of my journey so I will always have this to reflect on.

I haven’t been the best at writing on here lately. I started a job, moved to a new area, got involved in a new relationship, and so much of life has changed. I have been trying to think of where I can take the blog and what to do to keep the thoughts flowing and to keep it as a resource for me and many of you. I have some ideas of what I am going to do but if there is something that you would like to see from my blog please feel free to comment.

I can’t thank those of you enough who are reading this and have stood behind me. To my friends and family I love you all very much. I feel very blessed and you are all very special to me. For those of you I don’t know or barely know, please feel free to reach out any time by comment or message.

Happy blogaversary!!!

This is my “gift” to you for today:



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