I was at a birthday party when I met Blair. Blair is a very laid back in the background personality, till you get to know him. I have had the privilege to spend some time with him and even take a road trip with him.

One thing with Blair is he is like a brother to me. What Blair did for me was to include me in his family. He introduced me to his parents Cathy and Peter and everyone was so welcoming as part of the family. Blair moved to Austin and I haven’t been able to see him recently as much as I would like but even with the distance, I have always kept up with him.

I’ve said it before, family doesn’t have to mean blood and that is the way Blair makes me feel. As a friend, he included me in his family which is an ultimate act of friendship. Since he did that, Blair has always had a special place in my heart. As a friend, I want the very best for him because he deserves so much!

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